Sunday, 12 February 2012

Noooooooooooooo I Feel Naked

I started to remove the gel extensions tonight and got distracted by watching TOWIE. For some stupid reason I got the clippers out to cut down the tips making it easier to file, but forgot that my natural nails are actually quite long now. Basically I now have stubby left hand nails and am going to have to add extensions all over again.

Having never cared about nails in the past, I was quite surprised at how gutted I feel, but I realised that I am more attached to my talons as I had originally thought. Seeing this, my hubby decided to cheer me up by taking me up on my nag to take more of an interest in my interests. I watch him play MW3 on the PS3, so he decided to help me with my infills on my right hand as I was too forlorn (I have honestly never used that word in my life) to do anything other than drink red wine. I have to explain that Mr W has never picked up a nail file in his life and doesn't look like the person who ever would, but honestly he was really good at it. I have a bit of a bleedy patch where he filed my cuticle and I was too polite to stop him, but then he saw the look on my face and I then felt that it was OK to then shout a few expletives. I will finish off the left hand tomorrow as I now have three days off work - yay!!!

L xxx

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