Monday, 23 January 2012

Oooh, Silky Matte Nails

YSL 'duo terriblement noir'
Before I learnt to appreciate nail fashion, I never really got matte nail finishes. I was never interested in trying it out as I thought that it made the nails look chalky, gritty and cheap. Then over Christmas I was shopping at the Yves Saint Laurent counter at John Lewis in Exeter and I saw a POS board for this stunning 'duo terriblement noir' set.

This black on black matte/glossy french manicure looked really high fashion, and I thought, if YSL are doing it then it can't be that bad, so I decided to give matte varnish the benefit of the doubt.

As it has been a long January, I decided not to go straight out and buy the YSL version, just in case I didn't like it afterall, so on my lunch break last week I went into Boots and opted for the cheaper Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat for around £5. I also cheated on my beloved OPI (again because January has been a long old month) and picked up Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Black Cab. The results I have to say, were brilliant, and soooooo smooth. There is no denying that there is nothing like a bit of luxury, and ultimately you get what you pay for, but not only am I now converted to the matte finish, but am convinced that if you are running low on cash, then you can still cheat the nail couture look at a fraction of the cost!

I will upload my pictures of the Rimmel finish soon, so watch this space!

L xxx

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