Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Full Set Of Swarovski Crystal Nails On Toes

I did another fabulous set of Swarovski Crystal Bling Nails on toes recently and they were a huge success. They are going down a storm at the moment and I have only been promoting them over the last few days! Take note nail technicians: Swarovski Crystal Nails have to be the top nail trend of 2012 for sure!

If you read my previous tutorial post then you will see that I secure them with OPI Axxium DS Radiance gel so they can last up to 6 weeks if they are looked after.

The lady that I did them on was thrilled and the pictures don't do them justice. If you are interested in booking then there is 10% off until the end of July so they are only £45 on toes or £50 after the end of July. I always use the best OPI products and genuine Swarovski Crystals. The cheaper gemstones are no good and result in a very poor imitation, so don't accept anything less than Wonderlust Nails. Xx

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