Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nail Mythbusters - What Happens If You Mix OPI Soak Off Gel With Other Branded Base Gel and Top Coat Gel

The Experiment: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you used a different brand of gel base and top coat to your usual gel colour? 

Recently I had purchased some OPI Soak Off Gel (DS Radiance) which arrived safely. I also ordered the OPI Soak Off Base Gel and Top Coat, but the last 2 items were purchased on eBay and unfortunately never arrived. I desperately needed the complete set as I was due to do a set of sparkly silver overlays but there are no OPI suppliers near by to me and I couldn't wait for an online order to arrive. I had a bit of a think and wondered what would happen if I used my ASP soak off gel base and soak off clear gel with the OPI soak off gel. I am usually a complete OPI purist and a total product snob but I like experimenting and couldn't find a true answer online so I decided to try a set of overlays on myself. 

Result: I'm thrilled to report that it worked really well!

The finish is gorgeous and glossy, there is no lifting or shrinkage and my nails feel fabulous and strong days later!

I am still planning to purchase my regular OPI Soak Off Base Coat and Top Coat, however if you are strapped for cash or can't get what you need at a moment's notice then "cheating" could work.

Note: I used ASP products and OPI. That doesn't mean to say that mixing just any brand will be as effective. Please let me know what your personal experiences are so that all readers get a true and well rounded opinion.

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  1. Hi
    Im so glad I found your site :)
    I have worked with opi axxium in the past and loved the product, but am now thinking about buying the asp kit for myself I see you have some good results, I just wondered how long are you finding it lasts on your clients when you have just used the asap system any information would be greatly appreciated! my email is
    Thanks Jess x