Friday, 8 June 2012

Swarovski Crystal Nails

 Photo: Swarovski Crystal Big Toes

I had the pleasure of doing a lovely lady's *Bling Nails* pedicure this evening. I applied authentic Swarovski Crystals to her big toe nails and OPI Axxium gel in DS Radiance on the remaining toes. I then finished them off with a cost of clear top cost to protect and seal them.

I chose to use gel as it is hard wearing and also offers better value for money as it lasts longer than doing it on to polished nails. The crystals alone cost about £12 and with the cost of the OPI gels on top of that it is expensive to do.


  • Apply a layer of UV gel base coat and cure under a UV lamp.
  • Apply the first layer of the super sparkly OPI DS Radiance and cure under the UV lamp.
  • Apply the second coat but don't cure yet.
  • Start to apply individual crystals to the nail (I used SS7 on the big toe but I have SS5 for the other toes as they are smaller and I want to give a really professional finish).
  • Once the nails are covered, cure under the UV lamp.
  • Carefully apply a coat of clear top coat, taking sure not apply too thickly otherwise the sparkle is reduced and the crystals can look like beads rather than bling.
  • Finish off with a finishing wipe and apply OPI cuticle oil.
I would love to know what you think about these and if you have had Swarovski Crystal nails then I would love to know what your experiences have been.

I price this treatment at £30 for the big toe with OPI gel on the remaining toes or you can book to have a full set for £50. I am offering a special 10% discount until the end of 31st July 2012.

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