Monday, 5 March 2012

Carmine Beauty Box Goodies...Including a Nail Surprise!!!

I signed up to the monthly Carmine Beauty Box recently and was thrilled when my first box arrived today! The subscription basically means that you will receive a mixture of 5-6 sample, luxury sample and full size products each month for £9  plus postage, although my first box only cost £7.50 plus postage.

The box was really well packaged in an outer box. I opened this and was pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful quality Carmine box inside which I can use for storing makeup and other items. I excitedly lifted the lid to find yet more lovely wrapping and a bow - I'm going to like getting this little gift package every month!

On top there was a card which provided details of all of the goodies inside, which also gave more detailed information on their uses and the various products available in the ranges. I squealed with delight as soon as I realised that my box included a full sized Andrea Fullerton Nail Polish!!!

I delved further and this is what I found...

Andrea Fullerton Nail Polish in Paris
Japonesque Smudger Brush
Yardley London Peony Perfume Sample 
Myface Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Sp"ice"cy
Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick Shade '33'
White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste 

I was impressed that there were two full sized items (the nail polish and the eye shadow) and out of all of the products I'm glad that these were in full sizes. The smudger brush was quite small however this is fine as it fits nicely into a makeup bag and is large enough to get a good grip on. I did laugh to myself when I saw the size of the lipstick as it is very small, but this is fine as the colour is too orange for me anyway*. The small Yardley perfume sample was also only half full (or half empty whichever way you view life hehe) but it smelt of old ladies anyway, so again I wasn't really disappointed. I haven't tried the toothpaste yet but I am keen to as I drink lots of tea and coffee and I would like to get rid of the stains that these cause.

Now to the star of the show...the nail polish is an absolutely beautiful colour and I will certainly be featuring this in an upcoming post, but Andrea Fullerton is a renowned Celebrity Manicurist to the likes of Kylie, Penelope Cruz and Mischa Barton so I'm thinking that the quality won't be a problem!

Update: I have just tried the lipstick on and not only does it look great, which I wasn't expecting as it isn't a colour that I would normally go for, but my 'letterbox mouth' as my husband calls it (thin top lip to you and I) felt instantly plumped up. I thought that I was having some sort of strange reaction to the product, but I read the leaflet and it is actually meant to do this. It also has anti-aging properties which is fab as I stress over getting old every day now. The consistency of the lipstick is very creamy and moisturising so I take my negative comments back!

L xxx

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